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Sports, Sports Betting and Successful Sports Betting 

Special to PressBox 790 Sports


Hammer It Bets is more than happy to have this opportunity to provide content to PressBox 790 Sports’ betting section. Over the next undetermined amount of time, we are going to bring you some basic betting philosophies, tips and concept to help sports bettors become successful. There is a big difference between sports, sports betting and successful sports betting that most people do not understand.  



Most people who start betting will simply look at a game and try to predict the outcome. People can talk about the game, players and results, but this at its core is just sports. Without including the odds or probabilities involved with the game, there is no real involvement of betting. The initial problem for most sports bettors is searching for strictly winners, while in reality, it has nothing to do with long term, profitable sports betting. Without probabilities, sports are just sports. 


Some common misconceptions from “sports bettors” 


“I have a winner” 


“Steelers ML” 


“Ravens are lock” 


“I know the sport, they will win” 


Sports Betting 

Once probabilities and odds are added to the outcome of a sports game, we can begin to talk about betting. This is where finding value is key. One thing that can be learned from bookmakers is that the odds are the most important thing. They move, change and lock odds because of price. This aspect is so important that complex systems have been developed so they can move quickly and efficiently. 


It’s not always about who you think will win, but the price you pay is often more important. The price is important and, in some scenarios, with price movements, a bettor may opt to bet a different way on the same game. This is not even in the realm of possibility of a sports fan as they will not consider the price. Only 3% of sports bettors are able to make profits, contrary to popular belief. So, what makes them different? 


Successful Sports Betting 

Successful sports betting is just like becoming successful in any career or job field. It requires a lot of knowledge, experience, patience and sacrifice. The basis for this is finding the value in games, which is the difference in what you think the odds should be and the bookmaker’s price, beating the closing line, and proper bankroll management. Basically, it comes down to a lot of math and mindset philosophies as opposed to knowledge or love for a sport. 


Sports betting is much like something of a stock market. You are not betting against the bookmakers but against the market itself. This requires skill to be successful. The use of math, investing and betting models and algorithms help give you an edge. Hammer It Bets is built on these basic philosophies and has created algorithms and models to help us find the value in games. We will track our bets, closing line value and have rigorously tested the models for success. Sports betting is a learning process that never ends and requires a constant adaptive understanding of the market to be successful. 


The Hammer It Bets team develops models to help users make better decisions when sports betting. We use mathematical and analytic procedures to provide where the value is for sports games given the odds. Check us out @hammeritbets on Twitter for our plays and join our discord chat in our bio. Tweet at us or come have some fun with us in the discord. Looking for an online bookmaker? Check out Jazz Sports and use promo code HAMMERIT for 150% welcome bonus on us! They run promos constantly and have an online casino and much more. Hammer It Bets best sports are soccer and baseball but are dabbling in hockey and football as well. 


Plus Money bet for the weekend: 


Saturday, Dec. 26 

England 2:

Swansea City @ 2.48 (min 1.90)


Hammer it Bets is part of the Ramblin and Gamblin Sports team and are special to PressBox 790 Sports. Follow them on Twitter @Hammeritbets @AndGamblin and @DotBets.

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