Steel Curtain 2.0 to Clinch Division Title Tonight

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Steel Curtain 2.0 to Clinch Division Title Tonight

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The Steelers find themselves in a bit of a defining moment in their season. They have lost their last two games after starting the season off 11-0 and are struggling to find an identity on the offensive side of the field. The offensive line has struggled all year long, the running game has been inconsistent with several injuries, and their passing attack has changed from the long ball to short passing attacks. However, the one thing that has remained true is this Steelers defense. Benefitting from a generally weak schedule, this Steelers defense has turned back the clock and has shown flashes of the Steel Curtain of the 1970s. 


With that elite defense is where my thought process lies in my betting position this evening. The Bengals come in with a 2-10-1 record and are starting their 2019 4th round pick, Ryan Finley, this evening. Good luck Ryan! Since Joe Burrow has gone down with his season-ending injury, the Bengals’ offense has averaged approximately 10 PPG. Digging deeper into the numbers, they’ve only completed one explosive play without Burrow — a 72-yard bubble screen to Tyler Boyd who had to maneuver his way around defenders to score. This Steelers defense will be able to get pressure with ease this evening.


The Steelers defense has given up only one first-half touchdown in their last 5 games since they last played the Bengals, which  Burrow was QB. All signs point to the Steelers defense controlling this game from the kickoff. If the offense can get rolling this evening, it could get ugly for the Bengals. I don’t feel as confident in the 14-14.5 spread as the Steelers generally play down to their opponents at times under Tomlin. Putting my money on the Steel Curtain 2.0 this evening:


BET: Steelers 1H -7.5 (2U)


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